Vikcess Talent Pool invites all students and graduates with diverse educational backgrounds to join our network to learn and apply skills in projects within the business, technology, and finance.  Vikcess embraces achievements and experiences from our business cases and educates students to understand how businesses operate. We encourage the curiosity to learn more about Vikcess to apply.



Experts or students apply through the official website.


Vikcess conducts initial screening and selects suitable candidates for interview.


After the interview, Vikcess will provide online training to the students in the pool 4-5 times a month.


You will be certificated by our company and experts when you finished the projects.

College Students on Break


1. Innovation

Vikcess believes that the core success factor for innovation and business comes from the people. We want to support roles and individuals to get the opportunity to create value. 

2. Support

We want to support students that newly graduated but still haven't reached their dream jobs, to get a stage to test their skills and ability, connect with new peoples, and learn new things. 

3. Platform

We believe students who are ambitious to reach their goals need a platform to practice learning in a real setting. That's why we set up a Talent Pool.

4. Network

Vikcess works with a great international network and a lot of outstanding partners. We work with extensively technology companies, startups as well as common businesses. No matter what background you have, we can find the right opportunity for you. 


You are a curious, ambitious, and self-driven individual who wants to test your knowledge and ability and learn new tools in a real business setting.


I'm studying at a university.


I have graduated from university in less than three years, and I'm looking for a job.



Members of the Vikcess Talent Pool will become a part of an exclusive and diverse network of university students from across the world. You will have opportunities to attend skill-developing workshops, inspiring lectures, or member mingles. You will connect with other student talents and various companies. 

Job Match

Finding a dream job is a challenging process. For the Talent Pool, we will match and connect members with our clients that meet the members' perceptions and promote them for future employment. You also have the opportunity to work at Vikcess.


Vikcess connects a wide variety of experts focused on marketing, finance, technology, consulting management, and more. We will design lectures for the Talent Pool members to help you grow.

Practical Experience

We'll help you gain practical experience during the project execution process. Experts from organizational management, technology consulting, financial management, and corporate management will assist you step by step and help you in every detail when it comes to practical 

execution of your project.


We will provide an official certificate issued by the company to prove that you have completed our project and our training lectures successfully. And you will get a recommendation letter which from the  CEO and your mentors or experts to help you find a new job. 

Start Up

Have you had any dream or plan to be an entrepreneur? We will assist you to form the business idea and business model, to help you start your own business from practical projects. We will support you to register your company, offer expert assistance and help your business grow with financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become a member of the Talent Pool?

The Talent Pool membership is free of charge.

What kind of positions can the members apply?

We match and connect our talent pool candidates with relevant backgrounds with different business projects. The project can be any technological or business settings, from a med-tech company to a startup fundraising process. It will depend on the candidate's interests and ability.

How much training will the members get?

Depending on the projects need, we will hold different lectures and workshops to help you master the necessary knowledge and skills. Only the registered members will be invited to attend.

How long is the Talent Poll Program?

3-6 months. It will depend on the projects. When you finished, you can shoose other training projects, or we will assist you for your next job, or we will assist you to start your own business. You also will have oppotunity to work in Vikcess.

What training lectures the members will get?

The areas of training courses are very diverse, such as entrepreneurship, market research, business strategy, technical consulting, industrial innovation, consulting management, project management, corporate management, leadership, and financial management. It depends on the projects.

Where members work with?

For covid-19, now we all work online.

Will members get paid from the project?

It depends on the projects, some projects are paid, some unpaid.

How  can we help you?


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