We aim to assist European companies in China through our consulting and financing services. We partner with top capital firms and large corporates to support your innovation, and leverage our networks to help you grow

Financial Management

Stock Trading

  • Equity Financing Strategy

  • Debt Financing Strategy

  • Non-Standard Financing Strategy

  • M & A Strategy

Personal Consultation

China Entry 
  • Market Research

  • E-commerce Strategy

  • Branding & Marketing strategy

  • Industry Service

Corporate Strategy 

Investment Banking

  • Business Management

  • Innovation Strategy

  • Risk Management

  • Leadership Management

Technology Assistance 


  • Digital Transformation

  • Virtual Engineering 

  • Production Design

  • R & D support

Vikcess Business Group

We are a data-driven consulting company to provide comprehensive services between China and Europe. We leverage the power of capital, technology and innovation, as well as our combined expertise and vast business network, to deliver better, faster and more enduring results.

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