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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our Chinese partner is a large-size business group with a focus on the family consumer industry. In 2019, the total asset value of the company reached 715.7 billion CNY,and is listed within the top 500 of the 2020 Forbes Global 2000 list.

In order to enhance the product competitiveness and expand their industry layout, our partner is searching for following opportunities for Health industry partnerships and high-quality projects within the fields of health, consumption, finance, and tourism.

Areas of specific interest in:

Nursing system of cognitive disease in the nursing home

Looking for an experienced professional cognitive care institution to cooperate with.

Preferably to be an overseas company or able to implement an overseas system company.


① Provide early institutional cognitive floor room design and planning support

② Provide professional, systematic, and progressive incapacity and intellectual capacity training

③ Provide incapacity and incapacity assessment and service system

④ Prefer to an Asian cognitive care system, which can be implemented quickly

Application scenario:

Elderly nursing home (early dementia care part)

Cooperation mode:

Procurement, joint research, and development

Aluminium alloy extrusion manufacturing technology for high-end medical equipment casings

Requirements Description

We are looking for suppliers with proven experience in medical equipment manufacturing.


① Meet the quality system requirements of medical device parts suppliers

② Able to carry out aluminium alloy extrusion manufacturing, the size requirement is at least 74mm thick*2000mm*2000mm.

③ Enterprises that can communicate with overseas technicians in English are preferred

Cooperation mode:


Seeking Investment opportunities


Medical instruments: minimally invasive surgery, liquid biopsy equipment; Cardiovascular, neurosurgery, orthopaedic equipment; In vitro diagnosis, liquid biopsy, POCT, mass spectrometer; Tumour, genetic diagnosis

Large consumption: food, beverage, cosmetics, maternal and child, e-commerce, big data of consumption.

Fintech: online investment advisory, online cross-border wealth, asset management and financial drainage; AI, database, and financial security

Cultural tourism: tourist destinations, travel services, cultural tourism big data and hotels

Rail transit: Key & Code technology with marketable prospects

If you are interested in discussing any of these areas of interest, please don't heist to contact us at for more details


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