Mats Dahlquist represent Vikcess to give speech at BRMDIA Conference

Updated: Mar 16

Thanks Comp@ss and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, what a great conference! Congratulations to our Medical Device Expert Mats to give a wonderful speech at the today! 👏 It is an honor that we are invited as a committee member of the Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation & Application Alliance conference (BRMDIA) (Shanghai).

The topic Mats Dahlquist presented today at the conference is ”Panoramic analysis of the medical device industry: industry status and trends.” In the future, we will provide medical device companies in China and Europe with more financing and market entry opportunities.


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Vikcess is an international professional financial and business advisory company that serves the Med-Tech industry between China and Europe. We deliver comprehensive solutions including financing, consulting, and market entry. We leverage the power of capital, technology and innovation, as well as our combined expertise and vast business network, to deliver better, faster and more enduring results.

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