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Updated: Mar 16

Our client is one of the largest company whose main business is auto parts manufacturing and sales in China. The market share of leading products is over 65%. They have nearly 30 companies and more than 40 factories in 10 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, with more than 16,000 overseas employees, and are partners of international mainstream auto plants such as GM, Volkswagen, Ford and Chrysler. Now, they are going to invest more than 200 billion yuan to start the Program of " Innovative Energy City", which will be planned and implemented as a whole to develop new energy components, batteries, buses and passenger cars, their goal is building an top international, high-tech clean energy company in the future.

In order to continue to promote innovation capability, the client is looking for cooperation opportunities worldwide about innovation research and development.

First. "One, Two, Three Strategy":

1. Integration application of big data, AI and battery R&D.

2. Application of simulation technology in battery R&D and manufacturing.

3. Cobalt-free materials and battery recycling.

4. Development of low-cost battery auxiliary materials.

5. Battery production technology.

6. Battery system and safety technology.

7. All-solid-state battery technology.

8. Next-generation battery technology.

Second. Innovation needs of the research center.

1. Real-time Ethernet technology for vehicles.

2. Neural network algorithm-based new energy vehicle gearshift decision system.

3. Artificial intelligence-based electric drive fault diagnosis system.

4. Drive electronic control system based on third generation wide band semiconductor.

5. Dysprosium-free magnets and new permanent magnet material applications.

6. New core materials such as amorphous applications.

7. New winding technology research.

8. High-speed bearing technology research for electric drive assembly.

Third, Innovation needs of the technology center.

1. Chassis execution control system technology.

2. intelligent driving control technology.

3. Intelligent network technology.

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