We are a multinational team, our members are professionals in a broad variety of disciplines, including financial management, technology consulting, leadership development, organizational development, market consulting, team development, business strategy and research.

Team in China

Mats Dahlqvist

Executive Chairman

Mats Dahlqvist, MSc, MBA is a medical device industry veteran who has worked internationally for over thirty years in leadership positions such as Vice President International at Philips Respironics, VP Europe at GE MSIT, CEO Weinmann Medical Systems. He has the past ten years focused on developing businesses in Asia, where China has been a priority.

Florin Lungu

Organizational Development Director

With 12+ years of international experience in leading and training people in international corporations, 6+ years in the personal and corporate development industry and 5+ years of entrepreneurship, Florin Lungu has learned a bit (often the hard way) about embracing change, leading people, and business mindset. He is a Certified Behavioural Analyst and part of the biggest professional coaching & training organization in the world.

Wang Rui

Partner of China

Wang Rui previously worked as a Global Management Trainee in LG Electronics HQ, South Korea. After returning China,She used to serve TOP Chinese corporations such as Alibaba, CITIC Group, and AECOM as a marketing strategy analyst. She has expertise in interpreting Chinese public policies and helping listed companies to seize opportunities in China. 

Mi Kuang

Financial & Technology Expert

Mr. Mi Kuang is an expert in the field of financial technology. Since 1994, he has worked for the Bank of China and IBM as one of the top technical experts in IBM China. In 2014, he joined the preparatory group of Shanghai Huarui Bank and successively served as the general manager of the IT department, and director of the Digital Business Unit. 

Yunlong Wang


Mr.Yunlong Wang previously worked as CEO of Vikingnarval AB for 4 years in Sweden. He has many years of experience in international business trade and china market analysis. He is an expert in cross-border business, keep focusing on the venture capital and technology innovation. He is also a business column writer and start-up coach.

Dr. Yemao Man

Human Factor and UX Expert

Dr. Yemao Man is proficient in Human Factors, UX and product development with a human-centric vision. With his in-depth knowledge in research, communication and Sino-Swedish Higher Education Systems, Dr.Yemao Man has been closely working with some of the most prestigious universities and R&D institutes in a series of international research and marketing projects in the past 7 years. 

Xiaowei Li

Financial Director

Li Xiaowei is an expert with a wide range of experiences in mergers & acquisitions, PE investment and asset management business in China. He used to work in one of the biggest Chinese state-owned financial organizations. He manages several funds and is advising many listed companies, especially on market value management and developmental strategies. 

Dr. Jacob Zheng

Industrial Director

Dr. Zheng Jacob has a PhD. Degree in Industrial Economics and he is the Senior-Assistant Director of Cushman & Wakefield China Co. Ltd. He was previously working in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Deloitte China as an industrial expert. Dr. Zheng has over 15 years of working experience with different classes of Chinese governments and “The Fortune 500” companies.

Mark  Knighton

Non-executive Director

A Senior Executive with over 25 years global leadership and business transformation experience towards commercial and operational alignment, expansion and sustainability. Appointed in various CXO and consultancy positions across various digital technology sectors across Scandinavian, European and Asian markets.

Marc Bofill

International BD Manager

Marc Bofill was an administrative assistant at CARDIOIMPLANT SL, and he was a 4 years team leader of MKT Campaigns. Marc is proffessional at marketing and social work, expecially the online resources


Dr. Yang Jiao

Data Scientist & Analysist

Yang Jiao is a specialist in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, modeling and statistical analysis, with over 10 years experience in research and analysis.

Zhiyun Zhang

Project Director (China)

Zhang Zhiyun was awarded a MBA degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She used to serve Plug and Play Ltd. in both the Silicon Valley and China. She is an investment professional with expertise in innovation incubation for small business, kick-start and development acceleration.