As specialists in China market research, we help companies to enter the Chinese market, expand their existing Chinese operations or identify the opportunities available to them


Market research is an important part of business strategy that helps companies identify and analyze market needs, market size, competition, and factors that influence the behavior of target audience segments, and is key to business success.


Quantitative methodologies

  • Desk research and secondary data analysis.

  • Big data on China’s leading Internet platforms ( Baidu, Taobao & Tmall, Weibo, etc. ) 

  • Quantitative interviews with a targeted sample of consumers. Pre-recruit face-to-face / telephone / audio / video interview, online surveys.

  • In-store data, in-store interviews, in-store intercept, in-mall intercept. 

  • Sensory research with customers.

Qualitative methodologies

  • In-depth interviews with China market insiders.

  • Focus group discussions.

  • Online interview, online focus groups, online bulletin boards. 

  • Ethnographic research.


Market Opportunity


A typical market opportunity study may encompass: market size; technological trends; regulatory environment; competitive landscape; market structure and channels and future market outlook, and specific questions we may ask on your behalf 

Competitive Intelligence Research

Competitive intelligence research provides you with a full and robust picture of your competitive landscape and the key players within in. It will help you benchmark your performance against that of your competitors, capitalize on opportunities in the market and defend against threats.

Customer Segmentation Portraits

Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges in order to more effectively market to them. Helping you identify and push compelling customer value propositions that resonate with your audience and give your brand a competitive edge.

Brand Strategy


Brand strategy research & brand architecture research will help you grow your brands and avoid the risk of cross-brand cannibalization and overlapping marketing / product development expenses.


E-commerce & Marketing Strategy
Industry Research

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