E-commerce is at its peak in China, where it is the global leader, accounting for about 35% of the entire retail market.  E-commerce in China is growing faster than in any other country, which is why now is the time to start selling your products through China's e-commerce platform!


  • Purchase forecast preparation

  • Marketing & Promotion Planning

  • Creativity, Design & Copywriting

  • Reports and ROI Report


  • Digital Communication 

  • Media Relations 

  • KOL & Celebrity Engagement

  • Event Production 


  • Operation of Tmall Stores

  • Operation of WeChat stores

  • Customer Service 

  • Data Analysis, Report and Optimization 


  • Full distribution network planning 

  • Distribution implementation 

  • Other B2C internet shop setup & ope 

  • Tmall distribution system setup & maintenance 

  • System Integration Support 


  • Comprehensive network logistics preparation

  • Implementation of delivery

  • Setup of other B2C internet store 

  • Setup and operation of limited delivery system

  • Support for system incorporation


  • Mainstream e-Commerce System 

  • App/Mobile Site Development 

  • Technical Maintenance & Support 

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We have comprehensive experience from our brand strategy experts across the entire field of branding, range from strategic positioning, brand architecture and capital expansion to brand naming, identity creation, brand management and execution.


Our SEO Consulting services involve working together with your suppliers and resources on an effective, scalable SEO optimization strategy for your business. This involves creating metadata on the website, strategizing keyword possibilities and delivering comprehensive consultations.

KOL & Live Platform

Live streaming and the ubiquitous acceptance of mobile devices by Chinese users have provided a fertile ground for KOL. In the hope that KOLs actively promote goods through their online platforms, KOLs are frequently addressed via brands from thousands to millions of supporters.

Social Media Platform

Our consultants for social media study your organization, market, competitors and the target audience in order to ensure that anything you learn can help your company as much as possible. We are excellently qualified to help with the experience of running social networking campaigns and educating others on the ground.

Content Marketing

We will work with you to decide what your clients want, where they meet those standards and where they may fall short. We will analyze the promotion of your content in conjunction with the main rivals and assess where you can create content to educate your clients and prospects. 

Public Relations & Events

Relationships with different media sources are essential to optimizing the impact of the brand. In order to ensure that the message hits the right audience, our PR consultant has close, longstanding connections with various local , regional and national media. Releases can be customized to each newspaper to create a message that appeals to all audiences.


Market Research
Industry Research

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We are a data-driven consulting company to provide comprehensive services between China and Europe. We leverage the power of capital, technology and innovation, as well as our combined expertise and vast business network, to deliver better, faster and more enduring results.

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