Our goal is to provide the key drivers of growth

for your business in China. 



A market entry strategy is the way in which you articulate all such important details. It outlines your business goals, an overview of your target market, the products you will sell there, the expected sales and how you will achieve them.


In order to help our clients develop their networking and acquire diverse sources in China, we collaborate with organisations across a wide spectrum of industries. We will support European firms in seeking new opportunities in China and in designing and executing their market penetration strategies in China.

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Market Research

As specialists in China market research, we help companies to enter the Chinese market, expand their existing Chinese operations or identify the opportunities available to them.

NMPA Registration

Our expert team will assist you in the whole process of NMPA registration for the Chinese market. We will help you to get an overview of the regulatory structure and how to classify your device.

Distribution Strategy

We will help you with consulting and implementation of distribution strategy, distribution channel establishment, and international sales management.

Plus Services

  • Licensing and intellectual property protection.
  • Networks and partners in China.
  • Cost-effective production. 

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