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Chinese Medical Device Market:
A Must-Win Business
  • The Market Is Enormous

The market has been growing at a more than 20% pace for several years, it was worth an estimated $96.3 billion in 2019, and predicted to top $200 billion by 2023.

  • Intellectual Property Protections

new regulation removes obstacles and makes it easier for medical device OEMs to outsource the decision to China and register their products in China.

  • Demand is growing fast

The aging population is leading to increased prevalence of chronic diseases,  and income growth is leading to increased healthcare spending, so both individual and hospital demand is increasing significantly.

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  • Future Trend

The overall trend is China's medical device market will continue to grow and account for an increasing proportion of global growth. Despite fierce competition from domestic players, it will become a must-win market for MedTech worldwide.

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1. Aiming

Determine your objectives in the context of your business & growth plans.

2. Evaluation

Evaluate the optimal solutions for your business.

3. Identification

Identify potential sources of financial & market objectives.

4. Approaching

Approach the market or investors & negotiate key commercial terms.

5. Developing

Develop ongoing transaction-based business development & acquisition strategies.



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